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I want the school to have a real sex education program. Self-reported sexual behavior by participating adolescents and controls More participants than controls in Belo Horizonte reported sexual activity in the previous three months, both in the bivariate and multivariate analyses Ethical considerations. Educators and parents are often aware of not being sufficiently prepared to impart adequate sex education. The absolute difference between the programs' and the control groups' proportions was set at 8. Sex education sites [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) 27

Access to knowledge. Art education.

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Artistic creation. Basic education.

Salvador's program also appeared to have improved participants' attitudes towards sexuality and citizenship issues, besides contributing to the adoption of modern contraceptives by the more sexually active adolescents. Paiva V.

Basic sciences. Communication and development. Community participation.

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Copiar link. Ouvir o texto. Teté Ribeiro. Finally, there were questions on current sexual sex education sites, condom use, and modern contraceptive methods utilization. For variables related to adolescents' knowledge, indicators were constructed from scores derived from the number of correct answers to a battery of questions for each specific variable. The indicator of gender attitudes was defined by a group of 16 activities related to the individual, domestic, and public dimensions of gender.

Students were asked to state whether they considered each of them as being associated with males, females, or both genders.

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The expected attitude was that students would associate the highest possible number of activities with both genders. The indicator of attitudes toward sexuality involved agreement or disagreement with 13 statements concerning myths and taboos frequently associated with sex education sites topic. The indicator of attitudes toward citizenship was based on 18 daily situations involving personal interrelationships which students were asked to rank as never, sometimes, or always acceptable to them.

The scores had different ranges and were dichotomized using median values of sample data.

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The questionnaire also allowed the research team to collect demographic information on age, sex, skin color, grade in school, employment, and number of extra-curricular activities taken. These variables were included in the analysis as statistical controls. Data analysis was performed separately for each city.

Initially, bivariate statistical analyses investigated possible differences between groups in students' demographic characteristics and sexual practices. These analyses were performed separately for programs and controls, using Yates chi-square test 6. Stepwise sex education sites was used to adjust the regression models for all variables except "group", which was entered into all models.

All data entry and statistical analyses used SPSS 6. Ethical considerations. Before participating in sex education sites study, students were asked to sign a free informed consent form ensuring adherence to the ethical principles of social science research, under the respective Resolution by the Brazilian Health Council, Ministry of Health 8.

Students 17 years or under were required to provide written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

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Sample description. More females than males were participating in the program in Belo Horizonte. In Salvador the program adolescents were significantly younger than the controls, while no age differences were found between the two groups in Rio de Janeiro or Belo Horizonte.

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In addition, more controls than program adolescents described themselves white-skinned in Belo Horizonte. Self-declared skin color distribution showed no statistical differences between participants and controls in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro Table 2.

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Table 1 summarizes the three programs' main characteristics: duration; number of training hours; number of schools and health centers participating; number of schoolteachers, health professionals, and adolescent peer educators trained; and number of adolescents directly involved in each program. Evaluation of a knowledge and cognitive-behavioral skills-building intervention to prevent STDs and HIV infection in high school students. Meus amigos.

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Sex education sites [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) 41

If they teach any other type of sex educationthey don't. For starters, we're making sex education more fun. Students, as spring break approaches

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