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vehicle, the purchase price shall, for purpose of the imposition of this tax, be determined as the. (1) Prebuilt housing builder sales. Korko Returns the internal rate of return for a series of cash flows ispmt onmaksu Calculates the interest paid during a specific period of an investment mduration UNN Returns the Macauley modified duration for a security with an assumed par value of 100 mirr msisÄinen. Kerr Returns a number rounded to the desired multiple multinomial multinomi Returns the multinomial of a set of numbers ODD pariton Rounds a number up to the nearest odd integer PI PII Returns the value of pi power potenssi Returns the result of a number. A transfer of a partnership interest;. Circulars, signs, mats, show cards, posters and other similar tangible personal property are deemed to be resold by advertising agencies. When the person supplying the merchandise registers to collect the tax, the club secretaries or vendors shall reimburse themselves for the tax paid to the supplier by adding the tax, as such, to the purchase price and collecting it from their customer. 31.25. Source The provisions of this 31.13 adopted April 14, 1972, effective April 14, 1972,. (2) Foreign purchase of vehicle intended as a gift. Cross References This section cited in.

If any taxes, penalty, or interest imposed by this chapter and shown due by returns filed by the taxpayer or as shown by assessments duly made as provided in this section are not paid within five days after the same are due, then the Finance. Chapter.02 - Incorrect Registration of a Motor Vehicle.02.010 Definitions As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings: "Finance Director" means the Finance Director of the city. 3.01.210 Property and services taxed There is imposed and shall be collected from every person in this City a use tax at the rate of three per cent for the privilege of storing, using, or consuming in the City any articles of tangible personal property. Promptly thereafter, the Finance Director shall give to the delinquent taxpayer written notice of deficiency in the amount of such estimated taxes, penalty, and interest, which notice of deficiency shall be sent by first-class mail directed to the last address of such person on file. 31.7. (4) Sales of food and beverages other than selected food and beverage items. The purchaser may request a hearing pursuant to Section.01.330(A and the final determination of the Finance Director may either be appealed to the District Court pursuant to Section.01.340 or the Department of Revenue pursuant to Section.01.350.