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least, it'll leave a badge on the app icon so I'll know I can go look at it later, which is useful. Laughter Brad : I think Louie Mantia made a mockup of this in 2015. You could overload a control. It's going to be a while before Apple, I think, is going to figure this out, in part, because I don't think that Apple has a clear sense of what its notification philosophy should. It's much more complicated than it needs. Rene : Forced touch should automatically, if you're doing it really hard, make everything all caps because it knows you're angry. Christina, how would you like to start seeing this be fixed? Laughter Rene : They are trying to fix it with a little bit. You can drag it down slowly, or a two-finger drag on it, to expand the Twitter section to see everything. I only get Twitter DMs, for instance, and those, sometimes they show up, and sometimes they don't. If a notification comes in, and I'm doing something else, and it disappears, I forget what the notification was for, and I have to go back and look and remember, "What was it?" It might be three, four, five minutes ago.

I want to point out that Google tried to do something like that with Google Now, and oh, my God, did it fail. I don't need any more of these when I clear my lock screen off. Laughs Dieter : The one thing that's interesting to me, Brad, and I think I'm pretty sure you've hit on this numerous times, is how you balance making it easy and accessible to people who are new to technology and new to smartphones just. I can't stand it when I'm walking by a Verizon store, and I get the Beacon notification that the store is nearby. I find more and more I am willing to talk to my phone, even when there's other people around, because if I could do it very, very fast, and it's not intrusive to everybody else around. Dieter : There are a few differences. I hope they can. It's such a convoluted process.