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of the most notable events in the south with several holding spots in the TOP 100. Weve already learned the importance of motivating an audience to listen to your message by making your content relevant and showing how it relates to their lives. These courses will teach prisoners basic reading, writing, and math skills that may be lacking. Since these needs are fundamental to human survival and happiness, tapping into needs is a common persuasive strategy. How ethical do you think it is for a speaker to rely on fear appeals? August, august 3-5 bar Harbor, Maine. Credibility and relevance: While researching this topic, my eyes were opened up to how much an education can truly affect a prisoner, and given my desire to be a teacher, I am invested in preserving the right to learn for everyone, even if they are. There are many different mental and logical acrobatics that people do to get themselves out of dissonance.

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Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm Sunday, 10 am - 4 pm Admission 5 For more info: kohls 30 percent off online coupon code m/TheNortheastSeaGlassExpo/ Lectures, contests door prizes October 7-9 Gloucester, Massachusetts Cape Ann Studio Tour Sponsored by the Cape Ann Artisans 10 am to 5 pm Admission is free. A publicly supported radio station may persuade listeners to donate money to the station by highlighting a potential contribution to society. Persuasion is difficult because changing views often makes people feel like they were either not informed or ill informed, which also means they have to admit they were wrong about something. Thank you for visiting m! The same principle applies to cognitive dissonance The mental discomfort that results when new information contradicts currently held beliefs, attitudes, or values., which refers to the mental discomfort that results when new information clashes with or contradicts currently held beliefs, attitudes, or values. According to a 2007 article by Behan in the Journal of Correctional Education, prisons should also have extracurricular programs that enhance the educational experience. Over 100 of Maines talented artisans will be selling their unique handcrafted products on the beautiful grounds of Smiling Hill Farm. Recount a time when you experienced cognitive dissonance. Rewards can be used for positive motivation, and the threat of punishment or negative consequences can be used for negative motivation. The Corrections Today article also notes that prisoners who completed a GED reoffended at a rate 20 percent lower than the general prison population, and those that completed a college degree reoffended at a rate 44 percent lower than the general prison population. Think of how stirring Martin Luther King.

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